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Jason Keirstead

Do you approve the formation of the Open Cybersecurity Alliance Technical Steering Committee and the appointing of the below listed individuals to it, according to the OASIS Open Project Rules (https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/open-projects-process)"
Michael Stair - AT&T
Mike is a Lead Member of Technical Staff in the AT&T Chief Security Office. Besides being an architect of AT&T’s cybersecurity defenses, Mike runs AT&T’s security CTF and has been very involved in OpenC2, IACD, and open source
Thierry Supplisson - IBM
Thierry is a Senior Member of Technical Staff (STSM) in IBM Security. Thierry has been involved in architecting security solutions for over a decade, and is the lead architect for the IBM Cloud Pak for Security
Christopher Smith - McAfee
Chris is a software architect at McAfee and is responsible for performing design and development efforts for the Data Exchange Layer (DXL) messaging fabric.
Bill Woodcock - Packet Clearing House
Bill is the Executive Director at Packet Clearing House, the non-profit agency that supports critical Internet infrastructure through operational aid to Internet exchange points and the core of the domain name system and by providing cybersecurity coordination to CERTs and network operators. 
Steve Purser - ENISA
Steve is head of Core Operations Department at European Union Agency For Cybersecurity (ENISA)
Mitch Thomas - Tripwire
Mitch is a software architect at Tripwire focusing on technical strategy, specifically enhancing Tripwire's products with distributed patterns.


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