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locked TSC Formation Ballot By Jason Keirstead ·
locked Ballot to accept the "SCAP Data Collection Architecture Prototype" project into the Open Cybersecurity Alliiance By Jason Keirstead ·
locked Do you vote to confirm Mark Mastrangeli as PGB co-chair By Jason Keirstead ·
locked Full Majority Vote to consider accepting Project Kestrel into the Open Cybersecurity Alliance 2 messages By Chet Ensign ·
locked Vote for OCA PGB co-chair By Chet Ensign ·
locked ACTION REQUIRED: PACE Project Proposal Ballot By Jason Keirstead ·
Work around for your PACE vote By Chet Ensign ·
locked Please vote: A Special Majority vote to approve the CC-BY-4.0 license for OCA repositories 3 messages By Claudia Rauch ·
locked Call for consensus on the OCA joining Nonprofit Cyber 2 messages By Chet Ensign ·
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