Minutes - OCA PGB inaugural meeting 10-23-2019

Chet Ensign

Date: 23rd October 2019

  1. Call to Order and Welcome

    1. Jory welcomes attendees

    2. Attending: 

Duncan Sparrell (sFractal)

Chip Epps (ReversingLabs) 

Darren Thomas (McAfee) 

John Moran (DFLabs)

Kelly Brazil (Fortinet)

Lizabeth Converse (SafeBreach)

David Whittaker (Corsa)

Jason Keirstead (IBM Security)

Ben Sooter (EPRI) 

Patrick Duggan (New Context) 

JP Bourget (Syncurity) 

Jory Burson (OASIS)

Carol Geyer (OASIS) 

Chet Ensign (OASIS)

    1. Jory reviews agenda. No discussion. No suggestions for changes.

  1. Volunteer for Note Taking

    1. Chet volunteers to take minutes

  1. Nominations for Chair/Co-Chairs.

    1. Jason and Darren nominated by email. Introductions. 

    2. No other nominees stepped forward

  1. Election of Chair or Co-Chairs

    1. Jory asks for objections to confirming. None heard. Jason and Darren elected OCA co-chairs.

  1. Welcome from OASIS Staff

    1. Jory reviews OASIS, Open Projects, and roles of PGB and TSC for attendees. Jory answers questions from the attendees.

    2. Discussion about the TSC - purpose of TSC, how selected, role of chair, relationship with maintainers

  1. Review of the OP governance

    1. Discussion continued from above

  1. Establish Technical Steering Committee (TSC) membership

    1. Discussion continued from above

  1. Confirmation of Ongoing Meeting Schedule &  Communication Channels

    1. Jason proposes standing up a Slack instance for the OP. Consensus agreement. AI Jory to set up a Slack workspace

    2. Consensus to holding meetings monthly. Jason/Darren will propose date/time

  1. Discuss other committees, e.g. Marketing Committee

    1. Tabled due to lack of time

  1. Any other business

    1. No other business raised

  1. Adjourn 


Chet Ensign
Chief Technical Community Steward
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