Slack Free Plan Changes & OCA

Jason Keirstead

Slack is making changes to their free tier, which now will limit history to only 90 days. Previously, the free tier allowed 10K messages, which for the OCA gave us much longer than 90 days of message history.


We have a few options:


  • We can do nothing and live with the 90 day history. Personally I do not like this option.
  • We can switch to another platform with no such limits, like Discord
  • We can work with OASIS and PGB sponsors to see if we can figure out how to pay for our Slack including premier sponsorships. At current prices that would be ~ $10,000 month for all OCA users (seems a bit pricey to me)

Suggest we discuss out of band during this email trail and we can field options at the next PGB call.


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