PGB Call Agenda

Jason Keirstead

Hello all, I hope everyone is having a good week after many folks returning from the RSA conference.

Below is the rough agenda for the PGB call today at 12:00 EST.


·         DC Cybersecurity Automation Workshop - Readout & any actions, assuming Duncan attends.

·         RSA readout & actions

·         BlackHat – Kestrel will be at Arsenal; OASIS Booth - what does OCA need to do, if anything? Is marketing committee managing?

·         BlackHat workshop proposal

·         Any other topics?


Thank you all;


Jason Keirstead
Distinguished Engineer, CTO - IBM Security Threat Management |

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Assistant - Mauricio Durán Cambronero (mauduran@...)

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Co-Chair - Open Cybersecurity Alliance, Project Governing Board



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