locked Call for consensus on the OCA joining Nonprofit Cyber #poll-notice #poll-result

Chet Ensign

Please indicate below whether or not you agree with the proposal to affiliate with Nonprofit Cyber. 
OCA co-chair Jason Keirstead has requested that the PGB consider affiliation with Nonprofit Cyber (https://nonprofitcyber.org/), a recently organized effort associated with the Global Cyber Alliance (https://www.globalcyberalliance.org/). Liaison relationships at the project level like this are governed by the OASIS Liaison Policy at https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/liaison/#tcliaison.
This is a call to you to vote on whether or not to pursue this relationship. Per the OCA governing rules (https://github.com/opencybersecurityalliance/oasis-open-project/blob/master/GOVERNANCE.md#decisions) this decision requires a Full Majority Vote (https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/oasis-defined-terms-2018-05-22#dFullMajority). The PGB roster currently lists 15 members. In order to pass, at least 8 PGB members must vote yes. 
If the ballot passes, OASIS staff will undertake discussion with Nonprofit Cyber to set up the relationship, keeping you copied on all communications. 
The ballot opens immediately. The ballot will close on March 15 2022. 
This ballot is open to the members of the OCA Project Governing Board. I currently see the roster listing the following as eligible to vote: 
- Jason Keirstead, IBM - Co-chair
- Mark Mastrangeli, Tenzir - Co-chair
- Adam Montville, Center for Internet Security
- Lodrina Cherne, Cybereason
- Vaughan Shanks, Cydarm
- Avkash Kathiriya, Cyware
- Ciaran Bradley, EclecticIQ
- Kelly Cullinane, New Context
- Brad Thomas, Prophecy International
- Matthew Gardiner, Rapid7
- Valeriy Leykin, Safebreach
- Forrest Hare, SAIC
- Duncan Sparrell, sFractal
- Nigel Houghton, ThreatQuotient
- Franco de Bonis, Visua
If you do not see your name on this list and you believe there is an error, please contact me and the co-chairs so that we can address your concern. 


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