Meeting minutes and decisions for Feb 3 Meeting (Important!)

Jason Keirstead

PGB Members – Below are the meeting minutes for the PGB meeting held Feb 3. A number of decisions were made that it is important for all PGB members to be aware of and for us to have working consensus around. Please review the below.


Ballot to approve CC-BY-4.0 as a documentation license – The decision was made to open a ballot to approve the CC-BY-4.0 license ( for OCA documentation. OASIS Open Project rules require this to be a special majority ballot. This ballot has to be opened by OASIS itself and will be shortly – please watch this mailing list and vote.


Below here are decisions that were undertaken at this meeting based on working consensus. OASIS OP rules and OCA governance does not require the below decisions to be balloted, therefore we are assuming consensus, and unless dissention is raised on this mailing list or via another channel within a reasonable time, we will start moving on all of these.




Delegation of Github repo authority to TSC & designates - The below text as approved to be added to the OCA’s governance without any dissention. This clause will allow the PGB to not have to be looped-in to every new Github repo change.


In accordance with the OASIS Open Project Rules, the OCA PGB delegates authority to create new github repositories to the OCA Technical Steering Committee, so long as the license that is being used in the repository is a license that was previously used in an PGB approved OCA project, and the TSC communicates the creation or removal of repositories to the PGB mailing list.

TSC Approval - The following maintainers and OCA members are volunteering to constitute the new TSC for the next calendar year, starting immediately. The PGB members approved this list without any dissention. The PGB reserves the right to appoint new members to the TSC at any time.

            Xiaokui Shu (IBM) Maintainer, Kestrel, TSC Chair
            Sara Archacki (CIS) - Maintainer, PACE
            David Lemire (HII) - Maintainer, PACE
            Matthias Vallentin (Tenzir)
            Danny Elliot (IBM) - Maintainer, STIX Shifter

            Mark Mastrangeli (Tenzir), PGB Rep
            Duncan Sparrell (sFractal), PGB Rep

Changes / improvements to Github – There are a number of changes to the project layout in Github that were discussed and approved.


  • Each project or working group will have it’s own Github repo, wiki, and project tracking going forward. This will result in a few new repositories being created, for the IOB, OCA Ontology, and Zero-Trust Architecture working groups specifically. The Documentation folder will be reserved for OCA-wide documentation.
  • The OCA PGB will also have it’s own Github repo. We will start tracking issues for PGB meetings in the Github issues tracker. This will help us organize ourselves.


Code of conduct – The decision was made to formalize the adoption of a Code of Conduct as it is expected of open communities nowadays. ( . This Code of Conduct is aligned with the OASIS code of conduct. We can add other things to the code of conduct at a later time if the OCA decides to do that.

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