PGB Agenda for Feb 3 Meeting

Jason Keirstead

Good day OCA PGB;
We have a very extensive agenda for the meeting today, and it has been curated in a separate document for pre-read.
I strongly recommend that you take a few minutes to read over the agenda prior to the meeting so that we can attempt to get through it all. In the event that you could not attend the call today, but have input on one of these items, the Google Doc is open to comment mode and I encourage using that so that we can take your input into the meeting, as always you may also use this mailing list.
Items that we do not get though, may get taken up with out-of-band discussion on the mailing list so we can try to close off on some of these items. We do have one item that is going to require a "special majority" vote regardless.
Thank you all and looking forward to the meeting today.
Jason Keirstead
Distinguished Engineer, CTO - IBM Security Threat Management
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Co-Chair - Open Cybersecurity Alliance, Project Governing Board

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