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Chet Ensign

Hey Duncan, 

The email lists we have for OCA are: 








We can certainly set up a mailing list for each project - looks like we have not been consistent about doing that. 

What do you all think? Should each project have a mailing list? A calendar? What is needed? 


On Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 12:50 PM sfractal <duncan@...> wrote:

OCA is an OASIS-Open project and has several subprojects (stixshifter, ontology, kestrel, pace). I am on the pace mailing list which I know about by following a link to the meeting email buried in the pace github readme. Do the other subprojects have email lists? Ontology seems to use the architecture email list (and calendar) instead of its own?? Do stixshifter and kestrel have mailing lists? Do they have meetings?


My reason for asking is I was trying to explain to a potential new member company and it wasn’t a very good explanation since I don’t understand myself.



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