January 6 PGB Meeting Agenda

Jason Keirstead

Good afternoon and happy new year everyone.
The agenda for our call today is fairly light as everyone is still coming back from holidays and not much has happened as a result, but there are a few key things to cover as we kick off 2022
- Welcome to new PGB sponsors - Prohecy International, VISUA, Tenable
- Update on Jon Olstik briefing
- PACE mailing list discussions on governance & TSC governance
- RSA - Do we want to try to organize a meetup / BoF, if so who can be focal
If there are other topics you would like discussed, as always please raise them.
Thanks all.
Jason Keirstead
Distinguished Engineer, CTO - IBM Security Threat Management

Assistant - Mauricio Durán Cambronero (mauduran@...)

Co-Chair - Open Cybersecurity Alliance, Project Governing Board

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