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Jason Keirstead

Hi all; today in the final call of 2021 - I want to very much focus on governance & strategy of the organization.
- We have failed to recruit non-maintainer volunteers for the TSC

- We continue to have relatively low participation ( ~ 50% or less ) at many PGB sessions. How to remedy? Do we need to choose a new time? Is the issue technical?
- Duncan has proposal that the TSC should simply be constituted of a federation of the key project maintainers and make them responsible for technical governance. Do we want to make these changes?
- Other topics: Duncan has agenda items he wants to raise around SBOM and potential inbound projects.

NOTE: I am taking the initiative to manually CC every PGB member to this email who did not attend the last call, in an effort to confirm everyone sees the message. I continue to be concerned that invites to the PGB mailing list are going "into the ether". If you receive this note, and you were unaware that a PGB meeting was scheduled today / it is not in your calendar, please let me know. If necessary we will organize a second ad-hoc meeting or set up a 1:1 meeting so we can discuss how to make PGB meetings work for your schedule. I very much want to figure out how to improve our participation in 2022.
Jason Keirstead
Distinguished Engineer, CTO - IBM Security Threat Management

Assistant - Mauricio Durán Cambronero (mauduran@...)
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