The project support request forms are moving

Chet Ensign

Chairs and editors, 

The project support request forms that you've come to know and love as your primary way to assign support tasks to OASIS staff - publishing approved documents, setting up Special Majority Votes, those sorts of things - are moving and improving. 

I am moving the forms to the new OASIS website, under the Member Resources link at the bottom of the page. To get there directly, go to

I have streamlined the tickets, eliminating many of the minor variants I had, in order to make it easier to know which ones to use. Please let me know if this works better for you. As always, make sure your approval motions contain the key elements we'll need for addressing your tickets. You can always use the Motion language templates at to help draft motions or ballots with everything we need. 

I am continuing to add tickets. If you don't yet see the one you need, let me know so that I can set it up. Also, if you see a need for requests that we don't yet have on the list, please describe the need to me so that I can put it together. 

As before, these tickets all open TC Admin JIRA issues for me at so you can always check on the status of your request there. And if, for any reason, you think your request might have failed to go through, please let me know right away so that I can address it. 

Ping me with any questions! 



Chet Ensign

Chief Technical Community Steward


+1 201-341-1393

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