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Works for me.

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I see no reason it has to be private.
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Repeating a slack message to make sure it gets to everyone:


Should the Architecture Working Group be a ‘private’ group (ala the pgb or tsc channels) or a ‘public’ group? Although I usually side for transparency, I think I’d favor starting ‘private’ because we are allowing non-oca members so at least to begin with, it should be a listed set of people. I think it should have both a slack channel and a mailing list (ala pgb and tsc so that we can have the file/etc capabilities). We can do the ‘public’ work on github doc repo. Can we decide and get it setup so the discussions can start? My other paroachial reason is so we’ll have somewhere to invite people like Tony R to.


Wrt the members I was supposed to recruit (besides suggesting Tony) – I have feelers out but will take a few more days.



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