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Jory Burson <jory.burson@...>

Duncan, I've invited you to the PGB team on GitHub. 

We're still missing GitHub usernames for most of our PGB and TSC reps. I would like to populate the TSC and PGB teams on github as that makes permission and member management a lot easier.

The documentation repo doesn't have any content in it so far as I can tell, so that's why you can't fork it. When you join the PGB team you will have write access (as will all other PGB reps) and then you can add a readme and make edits.

Please send along your GitHub Usernames at your convenience.

On Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 1:26 PM sfractal <duncan@...> wrote:

If I understood the conversation correctly on the PGB call, the “architecture” work will take place on the new “documentation” repository at

I tried to fork the repo (1) just to see if I could and (2) to make a pull request to at least have a home page saying ‘under construction’ (and maybe a snide remark), but I couldn’t even do that.

Who will have what permissions to do stuff here. I presume I’ll get some sort of permission as (1) a PGM member and (2) an architecture Working Group member.

What are next steps and who should do them? Based on the conversations, there seemed to be some urgency to get this work going.


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