Ballot to Confirm Nominations for Ethereum OASIS PGB Chair & Co-Chair #poll

Jory Burson

Do you approve the appointment of the following individuals to serve as Chair and Co-Chair of the Ethereum OASIS PGB?

Chair Nominee: Dan Burnett, ConsenSys

Co-chair Nominee: Chaals Nevile, EEA

Additional Information:
From the Open Projects guides: 
Each PGB selects one or two of its members as Chair(s). The role of the Chair is to manage the PGB’s logistics, agenda, and decision-making. The Chair(s):
  • Help the PGB reach consensus on topics and manage any polls taken, working with the Open Projects Administrator when required by the Open Project Rules.
  • Coordinate and lead any meetings of the PGB or the broader community and, when needed, work with OASIS staff on related events.
  • Assist the Maintainer(s) when necessary.
  • Act as the project's main point of contact with OASIS staff. 
This ballot requires a Simple Majority Vote. The PGB currently lists 3 voting members. In order to pass, at least 2 members ( > 1/2 of 3) have to vote Yes. 

Please use the checkboxes below to indicate your choice.
This ballot opens immediately and closes whenever all PGB members have cast their vote or on 25 March 2020 at 00:00 UTC, whichever comes first. 
Eligible voters:
This ballot is only open to members of the Project Governing Board, currently consisting of: 
- Tas Dienes
- Dan Burnett 
- Chaals Nevile 
If you believe that there is an error in this list, please contact the OASIS Open Project administrator at op-admin@...




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