Baseline TSC Important Actions for Aug/Sept

John Wolpert <John.Wolpert@...>

Hi Baseline Protocol Leadership and Stakeholders, looking forward to seeing many of you on Monday's general session. Please take a moment to read this update.

First TSC Members who haven't yet voted on the following grant proposals, please do so today or asap, if you can.
If approved, these grants constitute the balance of the $100k Ethereum Foundation gift. After a retrospective on how this funding went over the summer, we will start tin-cupping to add more funds to this successful program. 

Second, TSC Elections:  
  1. Unless there is objection, we will hold the election in early October after the Eth Atlanta Hackathon, with final tally on Monday, October 11. 
  2. Please send Claudia and me a note with your intentions (stand for reelection, step down, and/or nominate another person).  [Claudia, we should collect nominations by Sept 10, so that we have a month for the community to get to know them. We will also publicize them in press and other marketing activities in the run-up to Eth Atlanta.]
Third, Reinvigorating Operations

A significant amount of baseline protocol open source code, open source tools, and product offerings enabling baselining will drop in September in advance of the October 1 Eth Atlanta event. ( Being at the event in person or virtually would be a great thing for everyone in our community.

The important thing is that we are about to go from a specification and general approach to a set of usable tools for universal state synchronization over the internet including the first always-on L2 for managing baseline proofs, Baseledger.  I'll repeat that and set it apart so that folks can start adding it to talking points:

The Baseline Protocol: The new standard for universal state synchronization over the internet. 

BRI-1, Provide, Baseledger and other tools about to make baselining accessible, straightforward, affordable and easy for everyone -- developers, solutions, products from startups to the enterprise.

 Time to start baselining, everyone.

Starting in October and culminating in February when we hope to have the full standard officially promulgated by OASIS with a test harness for compliance, we SHOULD start to experience a significant surge in participation -- and a surge in demand for more products, services and activity from this community.  Saddle up!

In order to manage the surge, On September 1, Sonal Patel will join us to help run the baseline community full time (80% of her full time position with ConsenSys to be exact).  She is on copy...please welcome her.  She will help organize roadmaps for TSC debate and review. We will recast the maintainer corps as Core Devs and implement an EIP-style protocol for ongoing work on the core and reference implementations. And we will start to marshal focused efforts to sweep baselining into the core operations of companies world wide upon release of V1, much of which will be available in alpha/beta form at Eth Atlanta on the first of October.

We will also be updating the website and making it MUCH MUCH easier to go to the website, click a button, create a login, and manage your involvement in the community. 

Fourth, Standard Draft is now Complete

Thanks to the efforts of Anais Ofranc, Andreas Freund and a team of regular contributors and reviewers, including Sam Stokes, Mehran Shakri, Alessandro Gasch, Gage Mondok, Kyle Thomas, Sam Stokes and others, we have a remarkable standards doc about to be submitted to OASIS. If you read it, you'd see that it is not simply a specification for a narrow view of baseline proofs.  It is a masterpiece of distributed systems thinking that sets a standard for the universal synchronization of information systems across the Internet.  Stay tuned, when we've finished next week, I've committed to making a podcast-style recording of the entire document, read ADSM syle...just for fun.  :)   Here's the latest draft:

And one more thing:

If you haven't already heard the audio of our upcoming, awesome and destined-to-go-viral animated video on baselining, here's a link to the file on slack: 

And here are a few snapshots of the animation in progress: 
Let's get baselining, everyone!  :)


  John Wolpert
  Group Executive, Enterprise Mainnet



 Baseline Protocol
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