Diagrams of OP workflow

Chet Ensign

Dan, Tas, members of the PGB, 

I put together a detailed set of slides showing the flow of work in an Open Project. I have 2 more to make this complete: the flow for submitting an OASIS Standard to a de jure standards organization and the errata process for an OASIS Standard. However, those are likely of only academic interest for now. These are the core of  the process. 

The originals are Google drawings. Let me know if you would like the links to those. 

Here is what they cover: 

1 - the flow from a working draft source file to PGB approval as an official Release. What I didn't flag on here but should is the step that the maintainer or editor will need to take to organize the material to make up the Release on a named, dedicated branch that can be reliably linked ever after. Note also that anywhere the PGB will take a vote, there is a requirement that the community be notified of the intention to vote at least 14 days in advance. 
2 - the flow from Release to Project Specification.
3 - the flow from Project Specification to OASIS Standard.
4 - the workflow and options if the required 60-day public review results in any comments. 
5 - the workflow if there are any valid objections made during the Call for Consent. I'll just note that this is still hypothetical as we have never had an objection. 

Have a look and feel free to share suggestions or questions. 




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