Locked Call to vote in the 2021 Baseline TSC elections #poll-notice

Claudia Rauch

Dear Baseline contributor,

19 of your fellow Baseline community members have been nominated to the 11 seats (maximum) on the Technical Steering Committee. Now it is your time to make your preferences known.

All eligible voters should have received an email with the subject line "Ballot for 2021/2022 Baseline Technical Steering Committee (TSC) members" from me. Please follow the instructions in that email to cast your vote. If you did not get it, reply to this message and let me know so that I can send you a copy.

The voting starts now and will remain open until Tuesday 26 October 2021 at 24:59 UTC. OASIS staff will tally the results and report them on the Baseline Show Wednesday, 27 October.

Here are the candidates and the statements we received from each:
  •  Ananth Natarajan: "My contribution to the Baseline Protocols flows from my parallel work on the platform architecture for project management involving (potentially) multiple enterprises, which enables project self-regulation and tokenization of delivered projects. This resulted in a similar method for baselining to a main-net; the architecture is described in this paper: https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3460537.3460563, and this patent application:  https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/4f/a1/8f/0153b2f2997357/US20200058020A1.pdf  (we just got notified of a grant by the USPTO). I will make an important contribution to the technical direction of the Baseline project, and contribute to compatibility of technical standards between my work on projects, a significant and growing portion of global GDP, and the work that Baseline project has done with enterprises."
  • Andreas Freund: "Over the last 14 months, I have had the privilege and pleasure: -1) to work with the Standards working group and author most of the current draft standard, and will now lead the WG to shepherd the draft through the OASIS ratification process. 2) to facilitate the RFP for the two largest Baseline Protocol grants to Transmute and Spruce to bring scalable decentralized identifiers based on Ethereum to BRI-1 and 3) to contribute to various Baseline Protocol projects, one of which will have been demoed at Eth Atlanta.
    As a TSC member, I will bring Baseline to other standards organizations and facilitate collaboration, in particular, the Mobility on the Blockchain Initiative and the Metro Ethernet Forum, as well as further develop the Baseline Protocol standard, assist the CoreDev group with BIPs, and continue to support emerging projects with my expertise to incorporate Baseline into their offerings."
  • Boris Breslav: " a) I have completed a Baseline Grant with a colleague  "Writing zero-knowledge circuits using gnark to expand the existing library – Focus on Financial Circuit Development and Approach" . I have attended most "Baseline Shows" and participated especially when it touched upon financial service. b) I strongly believe that the Baseline Protocol method will allow the financial companies/ industry with confidence to  enter/join  the Baseline/Blockchain arena since privacy (data and business logic) and multi-party business process are the heart of the method. In my role as Business Analyst/Technical Project manager with over 20 years of Banking experience (Investment and Retail Banking) I can bring banking and technical perspective to TSC
  • Cale Teeter: No statement received.
  • Conor Svensson: No statement received.
  •  Daven Jones: "I’ve been involved with the Baseline Protocol since 2020 and am the primary author of the Baseline API-spec. I’d like to drive understanding through educational material and tangible examples formed around the standards.
  • Jack Wiering: "My name is Jack Wiering, I am from the Netherlands and work for Unibright. For Baseline Protocol I am involved in marketing & social media (moderating different platforms and creating content).Furthermore, I am a real "connector". Outside of all the technical talent, I think it is good when multiple disciplines are represented in the TSC. With minimal resources we have already achieved many results, I believe that with everyone's cooperation this can be even more impactful in coming years. I want to focus on developing campaigns to benefit the entire baseline community."
  • John Wolpert: "Hi Baseline Protocol community. My name is John Wolpert, and I currently serve as your technical steering committee chair. I'd like to run again for the role and aim to achieve the following if elected: 1) Build a strong core devs team around our BLIP process and accelerate the maturity of open source implementations, tools, and enablement materials like docs; 2) Accelerate dealflow for sponsors and other contributors. On the latter, we are currently moving forward with a "get baselined" campaign where interested companies can select from sponsoring firms to get help learning about and building baselined solutions.  We also created the Little Bit video and are writing several more to follow -- the Adventures of Little Bit. 
    I am fortunate to be able to devote the lion's share of my working day to the baseline community, and we just added Sonal Patel to my team to double-down on the operational integrity of the community. This is a major investment by ConsenSys Mesh (and Joe Lubin in particular).  We do it because we believe that baselining is an essential step in moving enterprises (really business of all types and sizes) to public decentralized protocols and processes - including zero-knowledge proofs, DIDs, and verified credentials anchored to a large, highly decentralized public mainnet. I should say that I will continue in my efforts to support the community regardless of who is elected chair of the TSC. "
  •  Jonty Needham: No statement received.
  • Kartheek Solipuram: "Contributions to baseline: a) Founding member of Baseline protocol and the technical architect behind the baseline protocol’s launch, b) Established the privacy architecture, zk snark circuits and framework for navigating across multiple privacy providers and versions (zokrates, gnark, snarkjs), c) Designed the protocol for bridging and presented to Vitalik along with John Wolpert.d) Fixed critical security issues with Shield and Verifier contracts on the mainnet.
    Goals as a TSC member:  1. Drive adoption of baseline protocol and standards 2. Contribute to smart contract and ledger security 3. Raise and discuss interest in the DAO space 4. Bring in perspectives on KYC, identity management and the associated representation from EY5. Add capabilities to embrace new and upcoming concepts/tools in privacy architectures (accumulators and zk zk rollups, plonk, etc.)
  • Kyle Thomas: "Founder of Provide, the reference implementation for the Baseline Protocol. Organizer of EthAtlanta. Driver of real-world adoption via CONA, ServiceNow, Splunk, and many others. Will continue to drive the technology and adoption!"
  • Luiz Hamilton Ribeiro Leite Soares: "I was able to develop a zkp circuit using gnark that can be used as an example for future zkp circuits. I can help the Baseline project with my developer experience and Javascript, Solidity, Go and Gnark ZKP API knowledge."
  • Marc Haddle: "I am indeed interested in serving on the Baseline TSC, and look forward to helping chart the Baseline journey to mass adoption....I have been a regular contributor to the Baseline Go To Market body of work and participant in the Office Hours discussions for a year and a half now, with almost perfect attendance!
    As Baseline moves from the theoretical to the practical, I want to give real world insights and application input to the TSC so that Baseline has the shortest, straightest path to creating an ecosystem that allows for efficient data sharing while enabling the creation of digital assets (inputs AND outputs) for finance and exchange. While many of our members focus on the potential within finance, accounting, and supply chain applications, my area of focus will be heavily dedicated to the Healthcare and Life Sciences domains. These are critically underserved industry verticals within the Baseline community and are ripe for real impact by the protocol."
  •  Massimiliano de Fazio: No statement received.
  • Mehran Shakeri: "So far, I’ve contributed by reviewing the existing Baseline specifications, providing feedbacks and engaging SAP colleagues internally to validate different use cases as a potential Baseline match.By joining the TSC I would like to show more commitment, bring our knowledge to the team and help transitioning to a wide adoption."
  • Melanie Marsollier: "a) Splunk is integrated with BRI-1, in the folder ops, to enable users of this implementation to gain visibility in their stack and make sense of ledger activity. Splunk’s BRI-1 last commit was 14 months ago and with the recent update to BRI-1, Melanie intends to update monitoring-related features for its users. More recently, Splunk during EthAtlanta, enabled the visualization of the production stack of Provide, the result of months of collaboration with Provide. b) Splunk brings visibility in the stack of 91 of the fortune 100. Current customers of Splunk are experimenting with implementations of Baseline. For Baseline to compete with other solutions focused on synchronizing state across different systems of record, users of implementations of Baseline will have to make sense of Ethereum events logs and transactions. Melanie intends to bring her and her team’s expertise in Ethereum ledger analytics to the standard."
  • Ryan Fisch: "I have been working closely with the Baseline project as a contributor to the BRI-1 and as a non-Provide contributor on BRI-2.  My goal while participating as a contributor and hopefully as a TSC member would be to drive the maturation of the standard and broad adoption to help improve the ability of companies to establish verified multi-party workflow that positively impacts their bottom lines.  In addition, my own team and company can look to implement current and new implementations for Baseline specifically in the invoice factoring space."
  • Samrat Kishor: "How have I contributed: 1. I have been part of the Baseline community since June-July of 2020 and have been contributing to active conversations.2. I was inducted into the TSC in June 2021 and Since July 2021 I have been running the efforts to establish a Baseline community in India. To that end, I have also been hosting the weekly Baseline Show - India every Saturday with some really amazing speakers coming in So far.3. As a leader of the India community, I have participated in active pursuits with Sponsors and am also running several conversations with potential sponsors / members of the Baseline Community in APAC region. 4. I assisted with getting 1 main stage conference slot and 2 workshops for leaders from the Baseline community at India’s largest tech event NATC 2021, which shall assist us with high recall when we speak to tech leaders in future
    What would I like to achieve: 1. I’d like to achieve 1k high quality and contributing members from India. That’s the goal I am setting for myself in the coming year. 2. I’d like to spearhead adoption by assisting businesses with understanding the standard that we are building and also enriching the standard with feedback received from early adopters in terms of privacy and cybersecurity. 3. I’d like to see and steer some major brands in APAC conduct pilots on Baseline Protocol in 2022.4. One key priority I have is to increase and maintain the quality of the official office a.k.a. the Baseline Show - India and I would strive towards that with my full network potential and assistance from other TSC members.
    I see a great future for all of us involved at Baseline Protocol!"
  • Stefan Schmidt: "I am Stefan from Unibright, German Blockchain Integration Company. Unibright joined Baseline as a founding member. I was leader of the EEA Integration Taskforce, and took care of that the results of that taskforce are properly brought in into building the Baseline standard.Since then I have been part of the TSC, contributing to Baseline by: a) Generating leads and potential clients, b) Building enterprise grade integration tools for Baseline, like conUBC together with concircle, c) Build Baseledger and co-developing it parallel to the Baseline standard to raise adoption, d) Explain the Baseline Pattern and the need for decentralized synchronization on various conferences, universities and Unibright publications. Next year will be the year of Baseline adoption, and I want to actively contribute to that"

The following Baseline contributors are eligible to vote
  • Anais Ofranc
  • Hudson Reid Jameson
  • Andreas Freund
  • Oliver Terbu
  • Samuel Stokes
  • Gabriela Zifferman
  • John Wolpert
  • Kyle B Thomas
  • Myron Rotter
  • Jacob Ryan Fisch
  • Tomasz Kajetan Stanczak
  • Daven Jones
  • Boris Breslav
  • Dhruv Malik
  • Ahmadou El Becaye Toure
  • Michael Cairns
  • Kartheek Reddy Solipuram
  • Marten Jung
  • Ognjen Kurtic
  • Stefan Schmidt
  • Luiz Hamilton Soares
  • Ishmal
  • Samrat Kishor
  • Joseph Paul Matouk
  • Spencer Tingley
  • Stefan Kostic
  • Joanna Preston
  • Niko Lockenvitz
  • Keith Alan Salzman
  • Mark Rymsza
  • Yoav Bittan
  • Dewi-Tim Davies
  • Sonal Patel
  • Biswashree Dey
  • Ananth Natarajan
  • Olumide Akinwande
  • Jake Hitzges
  • Shot Khan
  • Shadman Hossain

Best of luck to all the candidates, and happy voting,


Claudia Rauch

Open Projects Program Manager