Call for nominations – Baseline TSC elections 2022

Claudia Rauch

Dear all,

Do you want to help drive future work for Baseline, an EEA Community Project? Then nominate yourself or someone else for the Baseline Technical Steering Committee (TSC). Learn more about the governance of the EEA Community projects here and the Baseline governance here.

Upcoming work for the TSC includes:

  • Taking a leading role in roadmapping sessions to outline technical priorities for 2021

  • Reviewing incoming grant applications for existing open RFPs to ensure the proposed scope matches the needs and guide and respond to questions by grant recipients during development.

  • Review grant requests for proposed examples, implementation tools, documentation, and other work proposed.

Members of the TSC also support the work of the core developer team and recommend packages of content to the EEA Community Projects Project Governing Board (PGB) for formal approval.

Here are some of the highlights of the work accomplished under the 2021/2022 TSC leadership:

  • Devised the Baseline Protocol - 2022 Roadmap by conducting 1-1 and group sessions  that outline high priority and stretch goals for the standards body this year.

  • The Simple Reference Implementation, specified as the highest priority by the TSC this year, is underway by a group of 6 Baseline Core Developers for a $50k allocation of grant funds. This work is vital as a standard compliant reference implementation that will be used for the other roadmap items in the future. There are several organizations in the community watching this work closely to use for future implementations.

  • 2 RFPs for digital open source asset wallets have been created and approved by the TSC, which outlines the requirements for EdDSA keys, DIDs, and VCs in a Baseline Protocol implementation.

  • An RFP for a Reference Implementation Test Harness has been devised and approved by the TSC, which outlines the need for an automated test suite or test harness for implementers to prove the conformance of their implementation with the Baseline Protocol Specification.

  • A grant project was approved by the TSC called ‘Baseline Calendar’ for creating a baseline example for synchronizing calendars. The grant recipient found the Baseline Protocol project and project bounty during AmsterBased, a community organized event.

  • The TSC is actively participating in teams and workgroups within the community by reviewing PRs in the repo, taking part in the BLIP-1 effort, circulating the Test Harness RFP alongside IEEE and Oasis, and reviewing the design requirements for the Custom IDC Report Proposal.

How to nominate

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for a seat on the TSC, please fill out the nomination form at which will send a notification to the TSC mailing list. The deadline for submitting your nomination is 14 October 2022.

The elections will be held from 20 October to 3 November. The TSC chair(s) will be appointed by the EEA Community Projects PGB in November.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at op-admin@....

Thanks and best regards, 



Claudia Rauch

Open Projects Program Manager