Update on Baseline TSC vote

John Wolpert <John.Wolpert@...>

The PGB meeting today did not have a quorum of voting members, so we did not propose any changes to the voting process in the governance document below. This means that only contributors with a successfully merged pull request to one of the baseline repos in the past six months will be able to vote. (Even if we had a quorum, common sense would dictate that changing the eligibility term this close to the election would be inappropriate.)

Sonal, I, and team will be doing a major push this week through next Tuesday to "get out the vote" by ensuring that contributors have made a pull request in the correct timeframe.


OASIS communicated through Chet Ensign that the vote will be conducted from next Wednesday Oct 13 at noon US-Eastern (we will announce during the general assembly meeting at that time) to midnight of the last timezone of October 26, 2021.  We will tally the votes and report on them on Wednesday, October 27 at Noon US-Eastern on the Baseline 'show' at that time.

For the avoidance of doubt: The election is not a function that should run or governed by the TSC chair, so all decisions regarding how this and future elections are run are a function of the OASIS team in collaboration with the EEA-Community-Projects governing board. We're here to help, and TSC members may propose changes to any rule, but the current rules are in place and managed by OASIS.  (After this election, we may propose rule changes such as how long since their last pull request are contributors eligible to vote.) 

Best of luck to the candidates,

  John Wolpert
  Group Executive, Enterprise Mainnet




 Baseline Protocol
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