Re: Recommended chairs for the EEA Community L2 Project,

Daniel Burnett

Thanks.  We will formally approve at our next PGB meeting on 24 March.  I don't expect any issues.

-- dan

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Subject: [eea-community-projects-pgb] Recommended chairs for the EEA Community L2 Project,
Dan, Tas, and members of the EEA Community Projects PGB,

The participants of the Technical Specification of Layer 2 Blockchain Scalability Solutions for Ethereum Virtual Machine Compatible Public Blockchains Project (L2) have indicated via poll that they approve Andreas Freund and Dan Shaw acting as the project co-chairs. See

In accordance with the EEA Community Projects Governance document (, I now present their names on behalf of the L2 participants to you with their recommendation that you approve them.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. 


Chet Ensign

Chief Technical Community Steward


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