locked Vote on Technical Specification of Layer 2 Blockchain Scalability Solutions for Ethereum Virtual Machine Compatible Public Blockchains #poll-notice

Chet Ensign

Do you approve starting 'Layer 2 Blockchain Scalability Solutions for Ethereum Virtual Machine Compatible Public Blockchains' as an EEA Community Project under the charter [1] and governance document [2] provided? 
This ballot requires a Full Majority Vote [3]. The Project Governing Board roster lists 16 members. In order to pass, at least 9 members must vote yes.
The ballot opens immediately and remains open a minimum of 7 days as required by OASIS rules. If 9 or more members have cast their vote yes or no after 7 days, then the ballot will close 24 December 2021 otherwise it will close on 07 January 2022 at 23:59 UTC. 
This ballot is only open to eligible voting members of the Project Governing Board. I currently show the following members as eligible to vote:
- Daniel Burnett, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
- Tas Dienes, Ethereum Foundation
- Dan Kochis, Chainlink 
- Tracy Kuhrt, Accenture
- Chaals Nevile, ConsenSys
- Antonio Sabado, Nethermind
- Stefan Schmidt, Unibright
- Kyle Thomas, Provide 
- John Wolpert, Baseline TSC Chair 
- James Canterbury, Ernst & Young LLP 
- Noam Eppel, Morpheus.Network 
- Melanie Marsollier, Splunk 
- Olumide Akinwande, Montech 
- Matt Hepler, Arca
- Anton Mozgovoy, Mover
- Mehran Shakeri, SAP
If your name is not on the list and you believe this to be in error, please contact me and the OP Co-chairs so that we can resolve the issue. 
[1] URI for project charter:
[2] URI for the working group governance document: 
[3] Definition: 


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