locked Re: Vote on pull requests addressing PGB governance #poll-notice #poll-result

Chet Ensign

The ballot to approve  https://github.com/eea-oasis/managed-open-project pull requests 56, 60, 61, and 62 and to approve Andreas Freund and Dan Shaw as co-chairs of the L2 Standards TSC has closed.
The list of eligible voters had to be adjusted due to changes in eligibility. Samrat, Kyle, and Matt were removed from the eligible list during the ballot period, reducing the number of eligible voters from 9 to 6. The corrected threshold to pass was 4. 
Each vote on the ballot received 5 votes. Therefore, all items on the vote have passed. The pull requests can therefore be merged and Andreas and Dan installed as co-chairs. 
Thank you to you all for voting on the ballot. The process doesn't work without you.  

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