Ballot for 2022/2023 Baseline Technical Steering Committee (TSC) members

Claudia Rauch

Dear Baseline contributor,

Thank you for helping to shape the future of the Baseline protocol. As an eligible voter, your choices for the Technical Steering Committee, or TSC, ensure the continued smooth running of the core developer team and, through that body, the packages and releases that go to the EEA Community Projects Project Governing Board for approval.

The nominees for the TSC are listed below. The statements from the nominees are included in the 'Call to vote' which you should have received along with this message.

To cast your vote, please forward this message to claudia.rauch@... and chet.ensign@... and type an 'x' next to up to 11 choices. (DO NOT "reply to all" to not make your vote public.)

The voting starts now and will remain open until Tuesday 26 October 2021 at 24:59 UTC. OASIS staff will tally the results and report them on the Baseline mailing list. The individual votes will be handed over to OASIS corporate counsel and kept confidential.

Thank you for your vote.

--- Ballot ---

* Andreas Freund ___

* Cale Teeter ___

* Kartheek Solipuram ___

* Keith Salzman ___

* Kyle Thomas ___

* Manik Jain ___

* Marc Haddle ___

* Mehran Shakeri ___

* Ognjen Kurtić ___

* Ryan Fleischmann ___

* Samrat Kishor ___

* Sonal Patel ___

* Stefan Kostic ___

* Yoav Bittan ___


Claudia Rauch

Open Projects Program Manager



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