REMINDER: Consider 3 new standing rules for the PGB #poll-notice

Claudia Rauch

Dear all,

Please make sure to review two pull requests to adopt 3 news standing rules for the EEA Community Projects PGB and the cast your votes. The link to vote can be found below.


Please vote on the proposed PGB standing rules and an update to the file 
Two pull requests have been made to the EEA Community Projects managed-open-project repository: 
pr 1) proposes to adopt 3 standing rules. These rules will address (a) losing/gaining voting rights on the PGB, (b) allowing PGB members to adopt regular non-voting status, and (c) allowing for leaves of absence to retain voting rights. 
pr 2) adds a reference to the standing rules (in to the document. 
Please cast a vote below for each of the options: approve, reject, or abstain. 
You need to be logged in to the mailing list to cast your vote. If you have difficulty voting, please send an email with your choices to op-admin@... and cc the PGB mailing list.
The ballot is open now. It will remain open through 16 August 2022. 
This ballot requires a Special Majority Vote [1]. The PGB roster currently lists 14 voting [2]. In order to pass, at  10 <2/3 x 14> members have to vote Yes and no more than 3 <1/4 x 14> members may vote No. 
[2] PGB members eligible to vote: 
Melanie Marsollier - Splunk Inc.
Tracy Kuhrt - Accenture
Correction: Peter Kecman - Demerzel Solutions Limited (Nethermind)
Stefan Schmidt - Unibright
Olumide Akinwande - Montech Studios Inc
Matt Hepler - Arca
Anton Mozgovoy - Mover
Marcus Krug - SAP SE
Kyle Thomas - Provide Technologies Inc.
Noam Eppel - Morpheus.Network
John Wolpert - Baseline TSC
Daniel Kochis - Chainlink
Daniel Norkin - Envision Blockchain Solutions LLC
James Canterbury - EYGS LLP

1. pr 1 above - approve
2. pr 1 above - reject
3. pr 1 above - abstain
4. pr 2 above - approve
5. pr 2 above - reject
6. pr 2 above - abstain

Click Here To Vote

Do not reply to this message to vote in the poll. You can vote in polls only through the group's website.


Claudia Rauch

Open Projects Program Manager



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