Locked Consider 3 new standing rules for the PGB #poll-notice

Chet Ensign

Please vote on the proposed PGB standing rules and an update to the GOVERNANCE.md file 
Two pull requests have been made to the EEA Community Projects managed-open-project repository: 
pr 1) https://github.com/eea-oasis/managed-open-project/pull/63 proposes to adopt 3 standing rules. These rules will address (a) losing/gaining voting rights on the PGB, (b) allowing PGB members to adopt regular non-voting status, and (c) allowing for leaves of absence to retain voting rights. 
pr 2) https://github.com/eea-oasis/managed-open-project/pull/64 adds a reference to the standing rules (in STANDING-RULES.md) to the GOVERNANCE.md document. 
Please cast a vote below for each of the options: approve, reject, or abstain. 
You need to be logged in to the mailing list to cast your vote. If you have difficulty voting, please send an email with your choices to op-admin@... and cc the PGB mailing list.
The ballot is open now. It will remain open through 16 August 2022. 
This ballot requires a Special Majority Vote [1]. The PGB roster currently lists 14 voting [2]. In order to pass, at  10 <2/3 x 14> members have to vote Yes and no more than 3 <1/4 x 14> members may vote No. 
[1] https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/oasis-defined-terms-2018-05-22/#dSpecialMajority
[2] PGB members eligible to vote: 
Melanie Marsollier - Splunk Inc.
Tracy Kuhrt - Accenture
Antonio Sabado - Demerzel Solutions Limited (Nethermind)
Stefan Schmidt - Unibright
Olumide Akinwande - Montech Studios Inc
Matt Hepler - Arca
Anton Mozgovoy - Mover
Marcus Krug - SAP SE
Kyle Thomas - Provide Technologies Inc.
Noam Eppel - Morpheus.Network
John Wolpert - Baseline TSC
Daniel Kochis - Chainlink
Daniel Norkin - Envision Blockchain Solutions LLC
James Canterbury - EYGS LLP


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