Re: "Get Baselined" Sponsors opt-in list

Daniel Burnett

Thanks Tracy and Carol, that definitely sounds better.

-- dan

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That should work. Thanks, Carol.




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Good point, Tracy. How about if we replace the second paragraph with:


The companies below provide Baseline tools, solutions, and developer education. Get in touch. See all our Sponsors here. <link to the sponsor logo carousel on the homepage>


<replace>Sponsors <with> 
Get Baselined with:


On Thu, Apr 7, 2022 at 4:37 PM Kuhrt, Tracy A. via <> wrote:

Hi, Carol.

I understand that only EEA Community Projects Sponsors can be listed under the "Get Baselined" page; however, the use of the word "sponsors" on this page implies that there are only four sponsors instead of the 16 EEA Community Projects Sponsors. Is there a way for this to be clarified?

Specifically, looking at this:

> Get in touch with one of our sponsors for Baseline platforms, tools, solutions, and developer education.

> Sponsors (followed by the four who have opted-in)


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