Mainnet Event on June 2 featuring Baseline Protocol -- Discounted Tix for Us!

John Wolpert <john.wolpert@...>

Hi Baseline Community!

Our friends over at Messari are putting on an exciting event next week, June 1st - 3rd, called Mainnent  and are giving baseliners a 50% discount. Given we just passed 500 active baseliners, that's a big deal.

The virtual event is focused on bringing blockchain & crypto professionals from around the world together to learn, collaborate, and discuss the the use of the public Mainnet. Hope to see you there!

Here's the link for the discount:  (Says EEA, but we confirmed it is for us, too.)

Here's the draft agenda, compliments of our friend and well-known events guru, Kyle Ellicott, who has kindly been helping to organize the 2.5 hours of time the event gave to our community and the EEA Mainnet Working Group.  

1:30 PM Going Public: Mainnet’s Rise in the Enterprise 

Paul Brody, EY [Confirmed - 5/25]

2:00 PM How to Use the Mainnet in Business: 2020 and 2021


  • Kyle Ellicott [Confirmed]


  • Paul Brody, EY  [Confirmed - 5/26]

  • Yorke Rhodes, MSFT [Confirmed- 5/26]

  • Tas Dienes, Ethereum Foundation (EF) [Confirmed]

  • John Whelan, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) & Banco Santander  [Confirmed - 5/27]

  • John Wolpert, Baseline/Consensys [Confirmed]

2:45 PM An Overview of Baselining: Demos & Roadmaps Panel


  • John Wolpert, Baseline/Consensys [Confirmed]


  • Stefan Schmidt, Unibright [Confirmed - 5/26]

  • Kyle Thomas, Provide [Confirmed - 5/26]

  • Daniel Norkin, Envision Blockchain [Confirmed - 5/26]

  • George Spasov, Lime Chain [Confirmed - 5/26]

3:25 PM The Business of Enterprise Mainnet 

  • Joe Lubin, Ethereum & Consensys [Confirmed - 5/26]

John Wolpert // Group Executive 
Enterprise Mainnet

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