Baseline Elections next week

John Wolpert

Hi Baseliners,

If you've been on our Slack channel over the past few months, you'll have seen that we have been preparing for the first vote for the 2020/21 Technical Steering Committee, an 11 member board with one of the members serving as Chair.  Details are here:

As we have been announcing at regular meetings and messages, today is the last day to register to vote for the 2020/21 technical steering committee.  

Candidates are here: with me or sam.stokes@... if you aren't registered yet. We can take you through setting up.  As the link above to our charter says, only contributors to the project may vote for TSC members, but remember that a contributor can be any kind of contribution that can be added to the /baseline github repo (including content files).On Monday, I will distribute the voting tool to those registered, which will allow each voter to choose a person for each of the 10 TSC slots and the 1 Chair slot.Voters will have until midnight on the 30th of Sept to make their selections. 

Happy voting!

John Wolpert

Group Executive, Enterprise Mainnet | Chair of the Baseline Protocol TSC
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