The issue with XML,and JSON using OpenAPI and by extension EDI messages

Sam Bacha

There is a relevant gap in OpenAPI spec in which it does not allow a fairly common modeling pattern (multiple child objects of the same base type with different roles/under different names) for XML-based APIs, ironically due to a limitation in JSON Schema. This is supposed to be addressed in this RFC,, as a draft. This is where OASIS can come in and help make this process for XML to JSON and by extension SOA to RESTful possible without having a set of parsers/mappings in a job queue necessary, as is the case right now. 

A problem we have come into in production is that the original JSON representation of a number will not be available (there is no way to tell the difference between a 1 and 1.0, we have even run into some using 0.0 and 0 weirdly), causing some onboarding issues. 

I think this is a perfect use case for having a baseline for how to best express the future JSON hyperschema, you can find more information here:;  

and here  

Would like to know thoughts on this from baseline's perspective and OASIS 

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