New and Improved Baseline SSC Roadmap

John Wolpert

Hi everyone.

I hope you received the note on Saturday reporting on progress with repo organization and permissions.

In that, I mentioned that we have a new "roadmap" repo alongside the core baseline code repo. 

Spent some time this weekend rigging a new Workspace that combines both the /baseline repo and the /baseline-roadmap repo, so that we can set up projects, add epics to organize them, and link issues/tasks in the code /baseline repo to pretty well across the repos.

This will allow us to manage things without cluttering up the engineering space, and it is both safer (and much easier), given that SSC members don't need to go through submitting pull requests and signing eCLAs just to get write access to the Projects and Epics they are accountable for in the roadmap.

Would love input before the cement hardens on this. Can still make changes, but very grateful to Jory for putting in the hours to get us ship-shape.

We will need to migrate a few things from the old repo and workspace, but it shouldn't be a big deal from what I"m seeing right now.  I'll be reaching out to many folks on the SSC and TSC this week to sort out projects and make sure everyone is comfortable with the dashboard...also prepping for people to present status on the next SSC Meeting.  

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