Re: List Times you *Can't* normally do a Baseline TSC call

Hudson Jameson

Have you ever used the Doodle tool? That is helpful for gaining consensus around a time to meet. (it is free unless you want pro features)

On 5/4/2020 9:01 PM, John Wolpert wrote:
Have only received a couple replies on this. Will tally rough consensus and make a decision tomorrow on the day/time of regular TSC meeting and then send fresh invites.  (Also adding everyone manually just in case some folks are filtering out TSC mailing list mail inadvertently.)

One member can't attend after 10am US eastern on Fridays, but 9am is very early for west coast.

I suppose we could go back to 10am on Mondays, but that puts the meeting back to back with SSC on the same day with no time to process insights from TSC review of progress.

Grateful for input. Optimizing timezones on a round planet is always hard. 

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On Sat, May 2, 2020, 5:12 PM John Wolpert <john.wolpert@...> wrote:
Hi Baseline TSC team:

Given we are only 11 members on the TSC, and given that the switch to last Friday revealed a number of issues for different folks, going to ask that everyone reply (just to me on copy to spare inboxes) with:

Any times on Thursdays, Fridays, and Mondays that you regularly **Can't** attend.  

(Specifically on those days every two weeks from this upcoming week of May 4th. This, for example, would avoid the Ethereum core devs call on Fridays, because they are biweekly from last week.)  

I'll compile these and see if we have a window of time that works for all.

Note: Looks likely that the SSC meeting will be every other Monday, starting the 10th at 11am US-eastern (possibly 10am).

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