Baseline Sponsorship: stakeholders call on 21 May

Carol Geyer

Thanks for all your contributions! The response we've had since our launch has been overwhelming. In the history of OASIS, we've never seen a community come together more quickly or more enthusiastically than you have. It's exciting to imagine where you'll be a year from now.

To ensure the Baseline community has the resources and support it deserves--and to start new activities like incentive programs and events--we do need to secure corporate sponsorship. If your employer may be in a position to help fund Baseline, please let me know.
Baseline Sponsors will be recognized in a variety of ways and have the option to be represented on the Ethereum OASIS Open Project Governing Board. Annual sponsor dues are on a sliding scale to enable small and large companies alike to support the work.

We're holding a call with stakeholders on 21 May at 11:30-noon ET. Contact me for a calendar invitation or more details.

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On Thu, May 7, 2020 at 12:05 PM John Wolpert <john.wolpert@...> wrote:
From all of the organizers of the Baseline Protocol community, we want to thank you for being part of this work. 

Nobody expected that we'd go from three companies to hundreds of active members in just a few weeks. That kind of growth is exciting, and it is leading to real results posting sooner than expected. Stay tuned for announcements such as the SAP/Dynamics Integration Demo this month and be sure you check the ways to stay informed and get involved at (And thanks to TJ Chmielewski for improving the design and content of the site.)

One of the main reasons we chose the Ethereum OASIS Open Project to govern the Baseline Protocol was that it allows everyone to contribute and have a say in the direction of the initiative--without requiring any participation fees. It costs nothing to be a contributor. It costs nothing to be a TSC or SSC member. And no amount of sponsorship money buys a single vote on who becomes a Maintainer or sits on the Technical Steering Committee. We're 100% committed to remaining a truly open community.

That said, some sponsorship funding is going to be important to support all this remarkable growth. The OASIS staff have been very kind in supporting us at levels far above what our current level of funding (thanks to the EEA, ConsenSys and the Ethereum Foundation) would normally permit. OASIS provides all our collaboration tools, infrastructure, IP management, governance administration, and all the community support we get from Jory and the rest of the OASIS staff. 

Please help, if you can, by encouraging your employer to become a Baseline Sponsor. Annual dues are reasonable and set on a sliding scale, making it affordable for companies of all sizes (from as low as a thousand dollars to twenty-five for the largest enterprises).  

Funding also will let us set up developer incentive programs to reward outstanding contributors and encourage work on critical areas. We are working on a premium sponsorship level for companies that want to fund incentives and have a say in what those incentives are.

We'll be holding a short briefing and Q&A for potential Baseline Sponsors on May 21st. If you--or others at your company--would like to receive a calendar invite, please contact carol.geyer@....  

Thanks again. Onward!

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